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  • IC-Trucks H 14-20

    IC-Trucks H 14-20

    Diesel, LPG and CNG Forklift Trucks Capacity 1400 – 2000 kg
    This highly successful series of compact hydrostatic drive engine trucks has estab lished an enviable reputation for exceptio nally costeffective efficiency and productivity, coupled with reduced fuel and maintenance costs. As with all Linde trucks the operator takes priority and in this case the operator enjoys unsurpassed levels of comfort and safety within the Linde Protector Frame protective zone. This innovative range of trucks are fitted with the world renowned Linde hydrostatic transmission system with the added feature of direct hydrostatic drive of the front wheels without reduction gears (A world first) This virtually maintenance-free system delivers seamless acceleration, reversing and precision load handling. Among the many new features included in these outstanding trucks is the resilient mounting of the integrated mast and front axle. Isolation of the mast and drive axle from the cab and chassis provides cushioned comfort and protection from road shocks and vibrations. Whatever the industry or application an investment in these highly economical models is guaranteed to deliver rapid returns for any business.

    H14 20 Detailed Information H14 20 Detailed Information (287 KB)

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