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  • E-Trucks E16 P-20 PHL

    E-Trucks E16 P-20 PHL

    Electric Counterbalanced Trucks Capacity 1600 – 2000 kg
    The unique combi-steer axle fitted to this series enables this four wheeled truck to operate in narrow aisles, which are normally the preserve of three wheeled trucks. This offers the customer the added versatility of using the truck in a wider range of tasks that might previously have required two different models. Able to operate both outside and inside in confined areas the combination of four wheeled stability and the manoeuvrability of a three wheeler this series offers total flexibility and real value for money. This superb four wheeled range incorporates powerful high torque, AC twin drive motors and an operator's compartment that provides an outstanding, fatique-free working environment for optimum productivity. Safety and comfort is assured with the Linde Protector Frame, which integrates the operator's compartment and overhead guard to create a total protection zone. These advanced design features are unique to Linde and the total package guarantees unsurpassed performance.

    E-Trucks E 16 P-20 E-Trucks E 16 P-20 (521 KB)

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