In just eleven years Combilift has grown to be the global leader in the long-load handling market. Combilift products can be found in over 50 markets worldwide and Combilift celebrated the delivery of its 10,000th truck in the summer of 2009. The companies growth is supported by our international network of distributors that support our range in our expanding markets around the world.

The Combilift main benefits include:

Safer Product Handling - The Combilift is designed to handle long-loads safely. By eliminating the need to travel with long loads lifted high, the units provide greater stability. Its integrated platform with low center of gravity also provides a more stable base. It is tested to CE machinery directive and complies with ANSI/AMSE, B56.1 requirements.

Space Savings - Using patented, leading edge technology, Combilift forklifts are equipped with a unique 4-way steering system that allows the units to travel sideways with long loads. This system gives the user multi-directional capability, delivering possible space savings of up to 100%.

Long Load Handling
The Combilift eliminates the unnecessary multiple handling of goods by being able to maneuver easily through doorways that are narrower than the load it carries. This results in less product damage and safer handling as well as eliminates the need for oversized doorways or conveyors.

Indoor and Outdoor Use (semi-rough terrain) - Combilift operates equally efficiently both in-doors and out. It is available with a fuel-efficient LPG or diesel engine, eliminating the need for an indoor forklift and an outdoor forklift.

Increased Productivity

Operator and Maintenance friendly

Less product damage